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Noise / Industrial Holocaust ‎– Untitled / In Defense Of The Socialist Revolution Split LP


Noise / Industrial Holocaust ‎– Untitled /
In Defense Of The Socialist Revolution Split LP
A1 –Noise (7) Intro
A2 –Noise (7) Warlords
A3 –Noise (7) Death Wish
A4 –Noise (7) For God’s Sake!
A5 –Noise (7) Everybody Against You
A6 –Noise (7) Stop Murder
A7 –Noise (7) Today’s Youth
A8 –Noise (7) Social Waste
A9 –Noise (7) Profeshit
A10 –Noise (7) Globalization
A11 –Noise (7) Trade Of War
A12 –Noise (7) Shit’s Humanity
A13 –Noise (7) Fight For What?
A14 –Noise (7) Intro
A15 –Noise (7) Patriot
A16 –Noise (7) Virtual Life
A17 –Noise (7) Shit World
A18 –Noise (7) Retard Evolution
A19 –Noise (7) Insecurity
A20 –Noise (7) Outro
A21 –Noise (7) Noise Addict
A22 –Noise (7) Alien TV
A23 –Noise (7) Judge By Appearence
A24 –Noise (7) Insurrection
A25 –Noise (7) Splatterrhea (Anal Massacre)
A26 –Noise (7) Somalia
A27 –Noise (7) Policial Repression
A28 –Noise (7) No Cityzenship
A29 –Noise (7) For God’s Sake
A30 –Noise (7) Vain Consumism
A31 –Noise (7) ???
A32 –Noise (7) Act Militar
A33 –Noise (7) Proletariat
A34 –Noise (7) Pollution
A35 –Noise (7) Fuck The Media
A36 –Noise (7) Massive Comodism
A37 –Noise (7) Rebellions Soldiers
A38 –Noise (7) Torturator
A39 –Noise (7) Noise
B1 –Industrial Holocaust The Holocaust Continuous
B2 –Industrial Holocaust In Defence Of The Socialist Revolution
B3 –Industrial Holocaust Genocide
B4 –Industrial Holocaust Ganancie
B5 –Industrial Holocaust Class Struggle
B6 –Industrial Holocaust The Age Of Extrems
B7 –Industrial Holocaust Direct Action
B8 –Industrial Holocaust Opressed Minds
B9 –Industrial Holocaust Submiss
B10 –Industrial Holocaust Capital
B11 –Industrial Holocaust Popular Resistence
B12 –Industrial Holocaust Attack Autorithy
B13 –Industrial Holocaust In The Name Of Freedom
B14 –Industrial Holocaust Stop The Killing
B15 –Industrial Holocaust Drunkcore Attack
B16 –Industrial Holocaust Sound Pollution (Cover)
B17 –Industrial Holocaust Seeds Of Dischord
B18 –Industrial Holocaust Religions S/A
B19 –Industrial Holocaust Imperialism
B20 –Industrial Holocaust Bullshit Burocracy
B21 –Industrial Holocaust Supporting And Resisting
B22 –Industrial Holocaust Free Africa
B23 –Industrial Holocaust No Control
B24 –Industrial Holocaust Against Plagues
B25 –Industrial Holocaust Extreme
B26 –Industrial Holocaust Scum Autoritarism
B27 –Industrial Holocaust Iconoclast
B28 –Industrial Holocaust Greed Sicks
B29 –Industrial Holocaust Technological Crimes
B30 –Industrial Holocaust Brains
B31 –Industrial Holocaust War And Peace
B32 –Industrial Holocaust Righteous Pigs
B33 –Industrial Holocaust Terrorism
B34 –Industrial Holocaust Subversive Minds
B35 –Industrial Holocaust Agony
B36 –Industrial Holocaust Nazi Fascism Bullshit And Shame
B37 –Industrial Holocaust No Hope, Cry Of Victims
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Dimensões 32 x 32 x 16 cm

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